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Third Party Logistics (3PL)

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Whether your a large retail business or a small up and coming business, you’ve probably considered handling logistics in-house.  Managing logistics the right way takes a lot a time and resources.  Hiring a 3PL company can save you time and money.

What is a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL)?

A third-party logistics provider (abbreviated 3PL, or sometimes TPL) provides service to its customers for part, or all of their supply chain management functions.  Third party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated warehousing, operation, and even transportation services.  This allows a seller to customize their needs and services a provides businesses with a reliable logistics advantage, while maximizing profitability through combined knowledge and resources.

What are the benefits of using a 3PL?

Logistics is the core competence of 3PL.  Sellers can save time and money by hiring a reputable company that has the knowledge, experience and global networks.  When using a 3PL there is no need for a you to own your own warehouse or transport facilities, and outsourcing will allow you to focus even more on your core business.

Selecting the right listing tool is key to grow and scale your business


Ally Commerce is a complete eCommerce outsourcing solution for branded manufacturers selling direct-to-consumer. Ally is multi-channel, including marketplaces and your own branded website. We offer a true turnkey solution.

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Amware is a provider of high-volume order fulfillment, parcel shipping, warehousing, returns handling, kitting and assembly, and labeling and packaging services for all sales channels, including e-commerce, retail, wholesale, and direct sales. The company’s multi-location warehouse network provides 1-3 day delivery nationwide. Amware’s e-commerce fulfillment services feature facility layout and design; pick, pack and ship; kitting, labeling and other value-added services; parcel freight management; inventory management; and returns management. The company’s order fulfillment system sends out shipment/tracking details as each order is shipped. Retailers can view on-hand and available inventory by warehouse.

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Distribution Alternatives is a third-party logistics firm providing comprehensive distribution and fulfillment services. We understand the challenges facing your company in today’s manufacturing and retail industry. We meet those supply chain challenges by developing and tailoring unique distribution strategies to fulfill your company’s individual needs. “We are the better alternative than doing it yourself”.

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DM Fullfillment

At DM Fulfillment we pride ourselves on delivering value, reliability, innovation and trust as a fulfillment partner. Our mission is to deliver an outstanding customer experience to both our partners and their customers. We provide best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions so that manufacturers, product marketers and trading partners can seamlessly integrate with today’s Omni-Channel world.

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FIDELITONE, a supply chain management firm, helps you earn your customers’ loyalty through specialized services in last mile delivery, inbound materials management, order fulfillment, service parts management, and transportation. We manage resources, create right-fit solutions, and optimize supply chain processes to advance your business performance and profitability. At every step and in every service, FIDELITONE employees focus on the touchpoints that safeguard your brand and keep your customers coming back.

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fullfilment (FDC) helps you reduce your shipping costs, automate your fulfillment, and expand into new markets. When you partner with, you can leverage our technology and logistics infrastructure allowing you to focus on your core business.

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maple logistics

Maple Logistics Solutions has specialized in the distribution services field throughout our 38 year history.  Current services include: fulfillment, warehousing, returns & reverse logistics, variable data printing, print on demand, DVD/CD duplication, and a variety of value-added services such as cross-docking, kitting and assembly, last-mile staging, export consolidation, and handwork capabilities. We are experienced with Continuity Programs and can support the broad range of services they require. Markets served include the apparel, automotive, consumer packaged goods (CPG), consumer electronics, eCommerce, food, medical, publishing, retail, and telecommunications markets. Our operations are supported by a dedicated customer service team that consistently support the needs of our customers on an ongoing basis.

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National Fulfullment

National Fulfillment Services is a full service B2C and B2B turnkey solution for complete fulfillment services. We excel in handling focused solutions for Contact Center, Order Processing and Complete Distribution Fulfillment.  We design customized solutions –fulfillment programs that fit your unique needs and accomplish your objectives – rather than trying to squeeze you into a “canned” package. Because our systems are modular, they can be modified and adapted to a “one-of-a-kind” program that keeps costs in check and performs above industry standards.

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the numina group

At Numina Group innovative design and technologies are used on increasing operational profitability.  Leaning the order fulfillment operation drives the design and final technology selection requirements.  The conveyor system and material handling solutions selected delivers an order fulfillment operation encompassing Perfect Order Practices. Perfect Order Processes equate to higher profitable operations!

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OHL is one of the largest 3PL companies in the world, providing integrated global supply chain management solutions including transportationwarehousingcustoms brokeragefreight forwarding, and import and export consulting services. Providing logistics services since 1951, more than 120 value-added distribution centers, 36M+ square feet of flexible warehouse space, Global network including North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, Over 10,000 employees and growing.

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TAGG Logistics is a leading order fulfillment and third party logistics (3PL) provider focused on helping businesses cost-effectively handle their order fulfillment and distribution challenges. Clients turn to us not only for our expertise in order fulfillment but also outsourced distribution, contract packaging, kitting and assembly.  At TAGG Logistics, partnering with our clients is our focus. We work hard to develop relationships in specific market niches and client profiles where we can add significant value, including healthcare products fulfillment and distribution, e-commerce order processing, consumer and industrial products distribution and import services.

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United FSI

United Fulfillment Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2000 to fill what the e-commerce community saw as a hole in their overall business model.  United Fulfillment Solutions has built a reputation as a company which partners with our clients to ensure their success in whatever their industry might be. Accurate, quick order processing with late same-day shipping. Reliable Inventory management.  Prompt return processing.  And all the systems, reports and visibility you need to take care of your customers. We are the partner you’ve been looking for.

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