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Seller Hub

The all-in-one place to manage and grow your business
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Seller Hub

The all-in-one place to manage and grow your business
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eBay Seller Hub delivers everything you need to grow your business

You now have an easier way to build and run your business on eBay: eBay Seller Hub. Ideally suited for professional sellers who may have previously used My eBay Selling, Selling Manager, or Selling Manager Pro, Seller Hub puts all your listing and marketing tools—along with selling metrics and actionable insights—in one place. Enjoy a centralized overview of your listings and order activities, detailed sales information, access to marketing and promotional tools, and competitive listing guidance to help you grow your business.

Get all the tools you need to succeed

eBay Seller Hub incorporates the functionality of all current listing tools—like Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro*, and the eBay bulk edit and relist tool—to help you manage your business more efficiently.

Stay on top of your business

Any actions you need to take are summarized in a concise overview, so you can fulfill orders promptly and quickly respond to any buyer questions and requests. You’ll also get direct access to your seller dashboard with detailed reports to help you monitor your seller performance.

Boost sales with competitive listing guidance

See how likely it is that your item will sell compared to other items like it—and get listing recommendations to help increase sales. You’ll also see how your listings compare against similar, previously sold and current listings on details like:

  • Pricing
  • Item condition
  • Shipping cost

Create a winning sales strategy with detailed sales information

A new Performance tab on eBay Seller Hub gives you detailed sales performance and sales history, including:

  • Selling costs and fees breakdown
  • Seller level
  • Sales trends by day
  • Best performing listings
  • Monthly sales
  • Sales by country
  • Page views and buyer traffic to your listings
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Manage your listings and orders more efficiently

Listing items, individually or in bulk, will be faster and easier. You’ll get improved functionality for all the current listing tools such as Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro so you can:

  • Enter all your information on a streamlined listing form
  • Add photos directly in the form as you edit your listing
  • List variations in one multi-quantity listing easily
  • Edit your live listings in bulk for more efficiency

An Orders tab provides quick access to your order status, with details on current returns and cancellation requests.

Easy access to marketing tools for eBay Stores subscribers

Now all the tools you get with your eBay Stores subscription will be directly accessible in eBay Seller Hub. You’ll also be able to manage your Store’s marketing activities from the Marketing tab within eBay Seller Hub, making it easy to:

  • Manage your brand and identity by telling buyers who you are and why they should buy from you
  • Launch promoted listings to boost your item visibility and to reach more buyers
  • Create promotions and markdowns to get your items noticed and sell more items per visit