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Promoted Listings

Get 30% more visibility with Promoted Listings
Now with bulk upload
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Promoted Listings

Get 30% more visibility with Promoted Listings
Now with bulk upload
Learn More

More visibility. More opportunity.

Promoted listings—eBay’s premium placement advertising available to all store subscribers—increases the likelihood of a sale by putting your best merchandise in front of buyers who are actively searching and shopping.

The 4th and 5th spots in search results and a special section on the item page are now reserved exclusively for promoted listings.

Your ads may appear:
1. On both desktop and mobile search results
2. On premium placements within search results

3. On premium placements on view item page

Pay only if you sell

Promoted listings is currently available by invitation only

When you promote your listing, you decide how much you’re willing to pay—and you pay only if your ad results in a sale. Your ad may appear based on several factors including your chosen ad rate and how relevant the item is to a buyer’s search.

Check the current ad rate trends to see the average rates set by other sellers using promoted listings in your category.

Anchor store subscribers! A $25/quarter credit for promoted listings is included with your store subscription. It will be applied to your invoice automatically when you make a sale from a promoted listing. Get started now


Quick and easy setup—upload listings in bulk

To get started, you simply choose the listings you want to promote, set your ad rates, and launch your campaign from your promoted listings dashboard. You can even upload up to 25,000 listings at once from a single .cvs file.

Start, stop, or change your campaign at any time. Detailed campaign performance stats at the listing level on how your campaigns are doing and how you can optimize your strategy are available in your promoted listings dashboard.

To get to your dashboard, just bookmark this link or access it from your Seller Hub. It’s that easy.

Promoted listings are perfect to boost exposure for:

New listings
Seasonal items
Best sellers
Items falling lower in search results

$30:1 ROI for VMInnovations

See how promoted listings drove a 2X clicks, 19% increase in storefront visits, 14% increase in sales—a $30:1return on their campaign investment! Read more.