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59% of all transactions are “touched” by Mobile.
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50% of all transactions are “touched” by Mobile.
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With more buyers shopping directly from their smartphones and tablets every year, it’s more important than ever to optimize your listings for the mobile experience. Follow these tips and download the eBay app to regularly review what your eBay store and listings look like through the eyes of your mobile customers.

2015 Facts About eBay Mobile


Mobile Optimization Best Practices

Optimize photos


DO use eBay Picture hosting services for proper photo rendering on small devices (you can now upload 12 free images!)**


DON’T embed pictures in the item description; they may not display properly.

   Additional Best Practices
Use multiple images and angles
Min. size is 500 pixels, but bigger is better
Use plain, uncluttered backdrops and fill the frame with the item
Keep image free of borders or text
Use square images (i.e. 1600×1600)


Optimize Your Title

Titles should be easy to read and only contain the essentials.

checkDO include information from item specifics such as Brand, MPN, Size, Color, etc.

xmarkDON’T include synonyms, extraneous info, or excessive or gimmicky capitalization

Be Aware of Code Limitations


checkView listings on a smartphone and tablet to ensure they render properly
Do not USE FLASH (OR JavaScript)
in eBay listings. Flash is not supported on Apple devices.


Use Item Specifics and Product Identifiers —Brand, MPN, and GTN*

Include Required Product Identifiers (Brand, MPN, GTIN) and other item specifics whenever possible.

  • Surfaces essential product info to buyers on Item page
  • Used to filter search results
  • Increases sales (deals detection, reviews, etc.) and reduces bad buyer experiences