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eBay Returns

Now, processing returns is faster and more efficient than ever before
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eBay Returns

Now, processing returns is faster and more efficient than ever before
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Seller Benefits:

Give your buyers the confidence to shop – and shop more often – with eBay Returns, an easy-to-understand return policy.  Returns automation & seller upload a label makes resolution easier for both buyers & sellers.

  • Increased efficiency when managing return requests
  • Improved customer service for buyers with return requests
  • New, more flexible return options
  • Lower defects from  expedited returns resolution


Updated Returns Flow

  • Sellers have more flexibility with return labels than ever before.  You can NOW provide your own shipping label to help with returns.  You can even offer a replacement item through the flow.
  • Update your listings to include money back, money back or replacement (buyers choice), or money back or exchange (buyer’s choice)
  • Buyers will now have the option to select a refund, or a replacement.  We have also updated return reason codes for buyers to provide greater insight on why they are returning the item.
  • Sellers now have the ability to create rules to manage refunds and returns.
  • Requirements for Product Identifiers extend to new categories on February 29th.


Seller Upload a Label

  • Sellers now have the option to use an  eBay-generated shipping label or sellers can upload their own shipping label.

Simplify and expedite customer service after the sale

With eBay returns, you can customize the way you handle returns and refunds to make them easier and less time consuming for you and your buyers.

Click the tutorials and the tabs above to learn more about customizing and optimizing your returns.

Customize returns

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Customize preferences

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Offering replacements

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Customize how you handle returns

By customizing your return preferences, you can choose when you want to expedite different types of return requests by instructing eBay to process them automatically. Simply create basic or advanced return rules within your return preferences in My eBay.

For example, if you always accept returns and offer refunds on clothing items that don’t fit, you can now choose to approve those specific requests and send the buyer a return label automatically—by creating a basic rule. If you need even deeper customization options—such as to only automate returns in certain categories or lists—you can do that too, using basic or advanced rules. See best practices and suggestions for customizing and automating how you handle return requests.


Customize your returns preferences

Find out how to set up your returns rules to suit how you do business.

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Send a return shipping label to your buyer

After accepting a return, you’ll need to send a return shipping label to your buyer and ensure tracking is available as soon as possible. If you are paying for the return shipping, select the eBay label option to instantly deliver a label to your buyer and benefit from deep discounts and automatic tracking. Or, if you have better rates through a preferred shipping carrier, upload a different carrier’s label. Whichever method is used, make sure you always have tracking for your returns, to protect you and your buyer in case there’s a problem with delivery.

Tip: Always include tracking on return shipping to help protect you and your buyer in case there’s an issue with delivery.


Using return shipping labels

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how return shipping labels work on eBay.

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Offer a replacement instead of a refund

Offering replacements is a great way to provide a positive buying experience when there’s an issue with the original item. You can even ship a replacement—and customize your return policy by setting a rule to allow the buyer to keep the original item in cases where you don’t want it back.

Tip: a replacement is an item that’s identical to the original, so be sure to have plenty of replacement stock available when you use this option.


Offering replacements

See how you can give buyers an option to request a replacement instead of a refund.

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To learn more about eBay returns visit ebay.com/sellerinformation/returns-on-ebay