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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management

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Customers are the foundation of your business and forming and maintaining relationships is one of the most important aspects of your business. Knowing who the customer is and what they are interested in can provide long term success to your operation.

What is a CRM?

The primary function of the CRM tool is to streamline all areas of customer interaction including: pre sale, post sale, returns, life time value, monitoring marketing campaigns along with many other tasks.

The software will allow you to see trends in your business by using tools and analytics to run your business more effectively. Understanding what is causing defects and making changes can be seen very easily from a dashboard or a report.

What are the benefits of using a CRM?

The CRM solution you choose needs to integrate to all of your platforms or sales channels. This will save you time and money because it’s all integrated. No more missing emails or bouncing between 3 different software’s.

When should you consider using a CRM?

When looking at CRM’s ask questions about what they can and cannot do along with integrations they support.

Before selecting a CRM, create a list of common tasks you or your customer service team does on a daily/ weekly basis. These tasks could include, number of emails answered, types of emails that are repetitive, returns, customer issues, etc. Once you have developed this list brainstorm on features you would like to see addressed by a CRM tool.

How to effectively use a CRM:

  • Train all employees on how to use the system, this will allow for faster adoption.
  • All activity must be logged into the CRM. This means customer calls and all emails must pass thru this system. Without complete information you cannot get accurate reports.
  • Use the reports and learn to build your own custom reports that work for your business. You can track efficiency of reps, problem items and even problem customers.


Selecting the right listing tool is key to grow and scale your business

Cloud Conversion

For medium to enterprise-volume sellers

Cloud Conversion CRM is a way for eCommerce retailers selling across multiple channels to unite their data in order to build an easy to navigate database that empowers them to manage customer service, returns, and analytics. This solution, built feature by feature via the demands of our clients, is designed by eCommerce retailers for eCommerce retailers.

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Reply Manager

For small to medium-volume sellers

ReplyManager is an inbound customer support and message management tool that helps eBay sellers improve response rates, consolidate and simplify messaging.  Features include: eBay Resolution Center & Messaging integration, multi-channel support, auto-sorting, unique user login (no more sharing eBay ID’s), auto-responders, standard replies & detailed reporting to track results. It’s a huge timesaver for sellers and helps them stay on top of customer inquires.  Visit or call 877-848-1310 to request a Free Trial (no credit card required).

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