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Increase your sales on eBay up to 10%* through quality promotional marketing

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Do you want customers to purchase more frequently, buy in greater volume, or be attracted to new or different offerings?

Create and manage special offers to bolster the conversion of your listings and increase sales on eBay.


  • Increase sales: Offer smart promotions to encourage multiple purchases in a single order.
  • Get exposure: Promote marked down or special priced items as part of a sale. Increase eligible item exposure on cross-sell module on the item page and on the new offer shopping page.
  • Lower shipping costs: Lower shipping costs and increase profit margins for consolidated orders.

Give your sales a boost

Discover how promotions on eBay helped seller, Haik Abunuryan

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Shoppers look for deals

of shoppers use their mobile devices—and are more likely to compare prices*.

of shoppers want free or discounted shipping*.

of shoppers are looking for some sort of deal or promotion*.

Your Choice of Promotions

Review these helpful tutorials and learn how to create offers such as:

Make your sales event look like this


Boost sales by cross selling related items


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All promotions are directly accessible from your seller account.


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Either in the Seller Tools section or in the Marketing Tools section.


Choose a promotion

Set the conditions, choose the items to include, and schedule your promotion.

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