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Requirements for Product Identifiers

product indentifiers

Watch how to help buyers find and buy your items more easily.

Product identifiers like brand name, MPN, and different GTIN’s make it even easier for shoppers to find and buy your items. eBay uses an item’s brand, manufacturer part number (MPN), and global trade item numbers (GTINs)—such as Universal Product Codes (UPCs) and International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)—to help buyers quickly find the items they’re looking for. For sellers, including these product identifiers not only increases your items’ visibility in eBay search results and navigation, it improves your placement in search engines like Google and Bing, too. To take full advantage of these benefits now, be sure to include product identifiers every time you list.

Increasing the accuracy of listing information through product identifiers and item specifics is an important part of our ongoing work to improve the marketplace experience for all users. That’s why product identifiers will be required on new listings – a requirement eBay will enforce by preventing listing completion whenever product identifiers are not included.  Enforcement will be introduced on a category-by-category basis.

Help buyers find your items more easily

  • Be sure to include your item’s unique product identifiers any time you list branded items in new condition—particularly in the categories listed here.
  • Use eBay’s bulk listing and editing tool to update your existing listings with the required product identifiers now to take advantage of increased search visibility.
  • To save time—and to make sure your listing is as accurate as possible—match your item with a product from the eBay catalog every time you list. When you do, the unique product identifiers for your item are included automatically in your listing.
  • Review eBay’s best practices for maximizing your position in Best Match search results. And remember, creating great collections can also help attract more buyers to your listings.

Helpful Links for Developers Integrating Required Product Identifiers

The eBay Developers Program has created a blog post that identifies the most common problems being reported:

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