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Increase your sales up to 15%* with eBay’s Global Shipping Program!

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Expand your sales to millions of eager buyers. Sell to the world without the worry of shipping to the world.The Global Shipping Program is an easy and safe way to sell more. Enroll today!

List your items with the Global Shipping Program, the hassle-free way to sell to international buyers. Your buyers pay all charges upfront at checkout. The Global Shipping Program takes care of all aspects of international shipping. If you prefer, you can easily customize your settings and ship directly to buyers in a specific country using your own preferred shipping method instead of the Global Shipping Program.

Discover how the Global Shipping Program helped Scott Shepherd, President, Pro Golf South.

“Using Global Shipping Program simplifies everything. You do not have to calculate international shipping prices for any of your countries, which takes a lot of time to factor that.

“It also increases exposure to countries I didn’t know I could ship to at a reasonable price.”
-Scott Shepherd, President, Pro Golf South



  • Sell globally, ship locally.
  • No filling out customs forms.
  • Competitive & internationally trackable shipping.
  • All International shipping and import charges are locked-in locally and pre-paid by buyers at checkout.
  • Receive automatic 5 stars on shipping and handling charges when you provide free shipping to the shipping center.
  • Receive automatic 5 stars on shipping time when you provide 1-day handling, upload tracking information within 1-business day of receiving cleared payment, and the item is delivered to the shipping center within 4-days of your receipt of cleared payment.

How it works:

  • Ship sold item to the US shipping center
    Use eBay labels and tracking for the domestic leg is automatically uploaded for you and your buyer.
  • The Global Shipping Program takes care of the rest
    Customs forms, import charges, and international shipping – including international tracking.
  • Package clears customs and is delivered to your buyer
    Item is sent quickly and you’re not responsible for loss or damage during the international transit.
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Best practices:


*Approximately 15% of sellers who enrolled in the Global Shipping Program in October 2013, who had not previously sold internationally and who enabled more than 60% of their eligible listings with the Global Shipping Program, experienced a 15% increase in sales (or more) 30 days after enrollment as measured against the 30 day period prior to enrollment. Individual results may vary.

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