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Free shipping and fast delivery are often the final purchase considerations for buyers

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Boost your sales with Fast 'N Free

To put these sales-driving services front and center, eBay displays the Fast 'N Free logo when:

  • the listing offers free shipping
  • both the buyer and the seller are in the US
  • there is a high probability that the item will be delivered within 4 business days or less

Buyers see the Fast 'N Free truck logo right on your item page

Fast N Free Example

For the best possible chance of your listings displaying the Fast 'N Free logo, specify 1-day or same-day handling, and offer free expedited or standard shipping. (Tip: if free expedited shipping isn't an option for all of your listings, offer free shipping with the fastest possible shipping method). Plus, when you offer same-day handling, you reduce your delivery estimate by a full day.

Automatic 5-stars for shipping

When the Fast ‘N Free logo appears and your item is delivered on or before the last day of your stated handling time plus the carrier's maximum published timeframe, any lower buyer rating for shipping time is converted automatically to 5 stars.
sheng video

Watch how Fast ‘N Free helped Jack Sheng, CEO & Co-Founder eForCity.

Best Practices


Ship free


Ship with an expedited service


Provide 1-day or shorter handling


Provide precise item location


Designate the specific shipping method (for example USPS first class versus standard mail)


Upload tracking

Fast 'N Free frequently asked questions

What is eBay Fast ‘N Free?

eBay Fast ‘N Free tells buyers that a specific item ships free and will likely arrive within 4 business days.

How will eBay Fast 'N Free benefit sellers?

eBay Fast 'N Free will help increase your sales by giving buyers a more accurate estimated delivery date and reinforcing the value of your great service. Converting to Fast 'N Free can increase your sales by up to 11%*.

How does eBay Fast 'N Free work and how is it different from the way delivery time is estimated for all other listings?

Estimated delivery is shown on eBay today as a range of days based on stated handling time plus the carrier's published service delivery times. This often distorts the true picture of delivery. For example, if your stated handling time is one day and you use Economy Shipping, the delivery estimate appears to your buyer as 2-14 days—even if your shipments are consistently delivered in 3 days.

The new way to estimate delivery powering eBay Fast 'N Free gives buyers a personalized delivery date based on historical delivery times to the buyer's area plus other factors, which is more accurate and highlights your fast service. In this example, if your economy shipments are consistently delivered in 3 days to buyers in a particular area, instead of showing a range of 2-14 days your qualified listings would have the Fast 'N Free logo and show an estimated date of 3 days for buyers in that area.

How is the personalized delivery date calculated?

The estimated delivery date is calculated using a number of factors including historical seller performance, the proximity of the buyer to the item, the historical performance of the shipping carrier, seasonality, and other factors. In order to get the Fast ‘N Free logo, you must provide the exact item location (zip code) for each listing. Additionally specify the exact shipping service, For example, specify “USPS® First-Class Mail®” or “FedEx® Ground” rather than “standard shipping” or “economy shipping.”

What if the buyer's payment doesn't clear and I can't ship right away?

As always, sellers should ship the item only after the buyer's payment has cleared. The buyer will be informed in the flow that the stated delivery date is dependent on cleared payment and other factors.

What happens if the delivery within 4 days can't be estimated with a high degree of confidence using the new method?

In any case where a delivery date within 4-days cannot be calculated or cannot be calculated with a high degree of confidence, the eBay Fast 'N Free logo will not appear.

What are some of the conditions that could prevent the new delivery calculation?

A number of factors could prevent this calculation from being applied, for example: the buyer's zip code is unknown or the seller doesn't have enough of a shipping track record for eBay to evaluate historical performance with a high degree of confidence.

What is considered a sufficient number of transactions to evaluate a seller's historical performance?

There's no exact number of transactions required to evaluate a seller's historical performance and it may also vary from one transaction to another depending on a variety of other circumstances associated with a specific transaction such as the buyer's location.

What if I don't offer free shipping but my listing is calculated to be delivered within 4 business days?

eBay customarily asks buyers to be more patient and understanding of the extenuating circumstances for sellers in the affected areas. As always, buyers are encouraged to communicate directly with sellers to work things out.

Could some buyers see the eBay Fast 'N Free logo on one of my listings and other buyers not see it on the same listing?

Yes, some buyers could see the logo and others may not because estimated delivery for a given item is personalized for the buyer based on their location and other factors.

Could some buyers see the more precise estimated delivery and other buyers see the traditional delivery estimate as a range of days?

Yes, buyers in different locations could see a different delivery estimate for the same listing—either a different number of days or as the traditional range of days because the delivery estimate is personalized for the buyer based on their location and other factors.

If the item doesn't arrive by the shorter estimated delivery date, can the buyer open an item not received claim?

  • A buyer can't open an eBay Money Back Guarantee case for item not received until after the last day of the shorter estimated delivery.
  • If Delivery Confirmation or Tracking information is not available, a buyer can't open an item not received case until 7 days after they have paid.

If a buyer opens an item not received case, as always you'll have 3 business days to up-load tracking information and correspond with the buyer to resolve the issue before the case can be escalated to Customer Support for mediation.

Will eBay Fast 'N Free appear on eBay Motors?

eBay Fast 'N Free will only be used for listings in the Parts and Accessories Category of eBay Motors.

What happens if there's a seasonal storm or natural disaster that affects the item delivery date?

eBay customarily asks buyers to be more patient and understanding of the extenuating circumstances for sellers in the affected areas. As always, buyers are encouraged to communicate directly with sellers to work things out.

What if the buyer leaves me a low detailed seller rating (DSR) for ship time because the package didn't arrive within the Fast 'N Free estimated ship time?

If the buyer leaves a ship time DSR lower than 5 it will be converted automatically to 5-stars if the item is delivered on or before the last day of the traditional window (your stated handling time plus carrier's published timeframe). If the item arrives after the last day of the traditional window, the lower DSR will remain.

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