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Seller Benefits:

  • Opportunity to reap the benefits of a rapidly growing $1B+ program
  • Exposure on affiliate sites and aggressive Holiday marketing.
  • 2M+ engaged e-mail subscribers and 1M+ visits a day
  • Increased conversion.
  • Seasonal and category-relevant promotions lead to increased conversion.
  • Drive buyers to your own eBay branded store for repeat purchases.
  • High preforming items see boost in best match, even after deal ends.


Buyer Benefits:

  • Value, Convenience and Relevance
  • Deep discounts on most sought after products.
  • Customized merchandise suggestions.
  • Free shipping on all products.
  • Hand curated items per category.
  • Variety and relevance…10,000+ items to select from
  • Confidence in purchasing from eBay’s best and most trusted buyers.


How to sell on daily deals:

All sellers are invited into the program and must meet and maintain program requirements.

Contact your Account Manager or eBay Customer Service for more details.

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